WL//WH Track Of The Day: HALFSLEEPER “Cast Away”


‘A Post-Punk act emerged from the bowels of the earth’, the enigmatic, seemingly Brazilian, duo Halfsleeper have just dropped their debut two-track single, “The Hook That Killed The Ocean”, taken from their first album to be released sometime over the year.

The band deliver a sorrowful, moody and atmospheric Post-Punk deeply rooted in the 80s, that rambles in a dizzy up and down of tension and release, to wrap spectral shadows and glimmers of agony into a downwards spiral of desperate doom.

“Cast Away” deals with psychological lyrics that depict the strong claustrophobic feelings of alienation and anxiety that can occur whilst being stuck in a crowded room.

Retro charged hypnotic snares ceaselessly punctuate a chunky, lithe and throbbing bassline murmuring with winding gloom, pierced by ethereal, reverberated and sharp guitar melodies, amid icy bright lonely synth flashes, to achingly wax and wane with a heartrending edge around harsh, strained emotional vocals casting deep pain-filled cries of agony through an excruciating undertow of menacing echoes to sink hopelessly into an obsessive abyss of eternal despair.

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art by Luc Aleksandrov