WL//WH Track Of The Day: GULF BLVD “Where Moth and Rust Consume”

Track Of The Day Gulf Blvd

Although, alas, not particularly prolific, the Tampa, Florida-based one-man project Gulf Blvd has forged, since his horror-synth-inflected inception in 2019, a mesmerizing nuanced Darkwave sound that ranges across almost all facets of electronics toned to black, through a fine balance between meticulously crafted production and moody evocative songcraft, ceaselessly layering sharp industrial-laced drum programming along with emotionally charged, haunting majestic synthetic atmospheres imbued with a sense of impending doom, enriched by an intense smooth vocal-delivery with a gloomy sultry feel.

The latest single, “Where Moth and Rust Consume”, is a stirring existential meditation on the dark side of spiritual awakening where in lies confusion, disappointment, and anger at the hands of religious deception.

It dramatically unfolds on a simmering entangle of crisp, tightly wound punchy beats, scattered with bouncy rattling percussive hits, and ominously overarching flickering, buzzing low-ends, whilst desolate, faintly glowing synth chords hopelessly reverberate sad, deeply hurt vocals, softly aching in discomforted whispery introspection.

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