WL//WH Track Of The Day: GULF BLVD “Grave Desire”

Track Of The Day Gulf Blvd

Started as a one-man project, but soon expanded to a duet, Tampa, Florida-based Gulf Blvd walk seamlessly the tightrope between ’70s/’80s-inspired horror-infused synthwave, clanging industrial rhythms and spectral brooding darkwave, spiced with impressive cover art, channelling black metal and goth influences.

The brand new single, “Grave Desire”, perfectly embodies the band’s goth-laden urgently driving style, lyrically brimming with an insatiable lust for death.

Ominous sinister synth melodies, laced with intense clashing industrialized percussive undertones that slap and whip dark emotional turmoil through pounding dangerous snare beat spasms and low treacherous bassline undulations, as lyrics exude rhythmic goth-tinged poetry through abrasive excited male whispers of fiendish lusty desire, framed by chilling synth sweeps.

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