WL//WH Track Of The Day: GROTTA ‘Бремя / Burden’

GROTTA is the peculiar name (Italian for ‘cavern’) of the new darkwave project by Kirill Chernomazov from Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, who recently released his debut 2-track single ‘Бремя / Burden’.

A deathlike trance-inducing, tense and mysterious, yet danceable blend of darkwave, EBM and post-punk made of evocative and enveloping layers of cold, bleak synth combined with hard-hitting, industrial-charged beats, surmounted by a deep pained commanding voice.

‘Бремя’ kicks off with a haunting bombastic operatic intro that soon gives way to unremitting tight, lashing beats cut by foreboding synth lines meander over stirring, emphatic and morose baritone. The hectic pace suddenly stops, terse rolls of timpani resound, followed by an echoing cry of despair, as the staunch drum-machine pummels forward fuelled by buzzing bassline and icy blinding, helplessly whining, synth flows, interspersed by industrial clangs, continuing more vigorously the claustrophobic and dramatic journey lead by the sorely agonizing voice delving deep into the heart of his darkness.

Equally effective is the oppressive and gripping EBM-infected ‘Жар / Heat’, that may recall the Moscow-based solo act (formerly Il Mio Campo) ШТАДТ / STADT, with rumbling and stuttering bass sequence pressure and pummeling rhythms over threatening and angsty vocals, which opens up further intriguing realms to explore.

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