WL//WH Track Of The Day: GRIMDELUXE “The Empty Road”

Track Of The Day  Grimdeluxe  

Amsterdam based darkwaver Grimdeluxe keeps on delivering gripping retro-futuristic and techno-infused slabs of his distinctive ‘Goth-Wave’, made of driving hypnotic drum machine rhythms, thrumming bass lines and fluctuating angst-filled layer of cold synth isolation around his emotionally detached baritone hopelessly emphasizing the barren void of modern life dystopia.

As he has just released today the 2-tracker “Sunday/ Out of Control”, from last week single comes the uncanny “The Empty Road”, where ominous chilly reverberating swells haunt atop unremitting throbbing, rumbling bassline, interlaced with steady off-tempo lashing beats, and rapid crisp percussive claps, to propel the brisk pulsating gait towards the ‘land of nothingness’, sprinkled by a string of flashing wistful glowing chords, whilst intensely deep haunting male vocals shift from disappearing hums into a monochromatic chant reciting the systems’ robotic offerings, prior to hesitation on an eerie interlude of swirling and unsettling arpeggiated bright melodies, to resume surfing on the obsessive waves of cold, stark electronic alienations.

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