WL//WH Track Of The Day : Grey Gallows “Autumn Leaf”

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After the fully self-produced debut minialbum ‘Beyond Reflections’, the Greek darkwave duo made of Konstantin (vocals / keys) and Dionisis (guitar / bass / keys) from PatraGrey Gallows has just released the new single “Autumn Leaf”.

“Autumn Leaf” showcases their remarkable ability at creating immersive and passionate gloomy songs, clearly influenced by the dark sound of the 80’s, with seductive and intense brooding atmosphere, marked by enveloping and bewitching synth, throbbing bass lines and the essential contribution of the warm and charismatic Konstantin’s vocals that make us feel all the mourning and longing for an old lost love.

‘’The wind will be blowing and the leaves will be dancing, when the old lovers meet again…’’

Grey Gallows‘s dark sound is so honest, heartfelt and poignant that deserves all our devotion.

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Written by Fabrizio Lusso.


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