WL//WH Track Of The Day: GOODBYE WUDAOKOU “New Century Regrets”


I was intrigued from the get-go by the homespun nuanced Guitar Pop craftsmanship of Mr Mat Mills from Manchester, able to shift seamlessly with palpable expressive intensity, connecting the dots between 90s British and US Indie, scattered with Shoegaze and Jangle along with New Order and Smiths undertones, from the warm pulsating bass, sparkling melancholic melodies and woozy synth of the debut “Neon Light” to the syncopated electronic percussions, shimmery arpeggios and crescendo electricity of the neon-lit, heartwarming second single “Ultraviolet Kiss”.

A tastefully built songwriting enveloped in a dark glaze rippling with sparks of equally tuneful and prickly sunrays of melodic-to-loud 6-string chords heightened with straightforward impassioned vocal delivery.

Seemingly inspired by 90s US indie and Jangle Pop, with hints of early Wedding Present jagged grit and vague The Smiths shades, “New Century Regrets”  is a bittersweet song about the end of a relationship that begets a fizzing rush of abrasive ringing guitar riffs, vibrant drum beats, lithe pulsing bass lines, and wandering streaks of fiddle-like piercing melodies to surround sad, angsty vocal longing, with youthful memories too far away to grasp.

“New Century Regrets” is the third and final single lifted from Goodbye Wudaokou’s soon to be released debut album “Mirror Skies”, let’s wait for further vibrant guitar pop rumblings.

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