WL//WH Track Of The Day: GOOD RIDDANCE “Soft Betray”


Another of the countless Latino projects devoted to dark sounds born in the shadows of the scorching California sun, teetering between “love, and death as well as beautiful and ugly”, Los Angeles-based one-man band Good Riddance has shared for Valentine’s Day his gloomy romantic brand of a love song.

“Soft Betray”, Good Riddance‘s second single only, is a purely synth-driven dancing DIY style of Darkwave with urgent punchy rhythms, evocative icy synthesizer hooks, deep alluring vocals, and forlorn melodies, to unveil the final days of a relationship through a lens of macabre poetry.

The track unleashes an industrialized rattling-charged, pounding drum programming woven with chugging basslines, that ceaselessly bounce with high dancefloor energy, topped by desolate glaring synth swirls, wandering and swelling over restrained, aching, restless vocals, alternating with ghostly baritone echoes, to release anxiety and pain into a toxic flow of sinister dreams.

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