WL//WH Track Of The Day : GLUME “Human Touch”

Salt Lake City, Utah based solo project of Tyler Tovey, called GLUME (pronounced Gloom) perfectly embodied the aloof and menacing aesthetic of coldwave, the angst-ridden essence of post-punk and the brooding gloominess of darkwave, creating dim, enigmatic, intense and intriguing, sometime sorely danceable, soundscapes of alienation, anger and despair from the depth of a tortured soul.
Tyler has just dropped a new 2-track single “Human Touch // Living Pieces” that has immediately attracted the attention of forward-thinking Berlin-based Squall Recordings who didn’t waste any time to seize the opportunity to release Glume’s new album later in this year.
“Human Touch” is driven by eerie and ominous buzzing bassline combined with syncopated drum patterns, cooled by glassy, gloomy  Gary Numan-esque synth swells, to instill a doomy, mysterious deep chasm of uncomfortable isolation and brooding pain over deep detached vocals clouded by fear, agony, and longing for ‘human touch’.
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