WL//WH Track Of The Day : GIANT WAVES “Fear”

Track Of The Day Giant Waves

Russian English-singing 3-piece from the banks of the Volga, comprised of Ilya Volchansky (vocal, bass), Mikhail Kirilenko (guitar) and Andrey Fomin (drums), with two albums under their belt, the first “Solidarność” in 2015, have just released their new EP “In A Haunted Town”, five dark epics of utterly emotional, modern post-punk infused with gothic-rock energy and style.

Stand out song, the immersive and addictive“Fear”, unfurls menacing buzzing synth and dense, deep gloomy pulsating basslines that coalesce with driven powerful, repetitive drumbeats together with sharp and evocative hypnotic guitar slivers, infusing an ancient shadowy nostalgic edge as haunted and dauntless vocals, imbued with seductive and magnetic gothic romanticism, interspersed with sparse epic uplifting synth riffs and evocative, passionate, anthemic chorus, are pure poetry in motion giving life to a creature who wakes up wishing he understood “the meaning of fear” thus evoking obscure frightening, and animalistic feelings of pure urgent desire.

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