WL//WH Track Of The Day: GHOST CARDS “The Drive”

Track Of The Day Ghost Cards

Vancouver, BC-based dark 80’s New Wave/Post Punk inspired duo Ghost Cards, made up of Dublin, Ireland-bred vocalist Dolly De Guerre and local multi-instrumentalist Jesse Lyon, have collected their first 2 songs leaked on Soundcloud months ago along two new ones into their debut untitled EP.

Even if nods the 80s sound of The Cure and Siouxsie Sioux are sensible throughout, all the tracks charged with dark energy, balance, distinctive brooding melodic sensibility and solid songwriting. Last recorded fascinating goth-tinged ballad “Romance Nomads” with an expansive formation suggests further intriguing promises to come. 

Simultaneously warm and mysterious, sensuous and menacing, new wave meet post-punk “The Drive” bursts with impassioned anger and helpless despair, elegantly peppered by Daniel Ash-esque luscious, glittering guitar hooks and bouncing funk-infused deep bassline over whip-lashing drum beats and humming synth to build impassioned and eerily sensual tension and turmoil as harrowed, anxious vocals oozing with jealousy, deceit, and love turn to emotionless “drive me into the darkness” to falling down into a beautiful last cry of desperation.

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