WL//WH Track Of The Day: GENEVA DRIVE “Ocean / Blushing Stars”

Track Of The Day  GENEVA DRIVE  

Geneva Drive, the lo-fi homespun recording project of Perry McDonagh, formerly half of the late 90s West Midlands duo Avrocar, returns, after last Summer’s brilliant debut album, “Soft Like Fire”, via Wayside & Woodland Recordings, with a new two-track single “Ocean”.

On the same wavelength of bands such as Flying Saucer Attack, Yo La Tengo, Labradford, Landing, and Galaxie 500, the English musician, through the use of a simple ancient four-track, concocts a hazy and contemplative atmospheric shoegazing sound laced with glimmers of distant psychedelic constellations, built on soft wistful vocal tones gliding on a misty reflective backdrop of light drones, radiant washes of reverb-strewn guitar textures, lilted by the smooth pulses of shuffling synthetic beats, to create simply entrancing, dreamlike music.

The title track “Ocean”, already appeared around a month ago on the artist’s SoundCloud, unfurls on the arpeggiated ethereal and airy breezes of reverberating crystalline guitar strands, punctuated by a dry metronomic drum programming, wafting weightlessly with soft dreamy vocals, gently longing in a blissful intimate memory, to immerse the listener in a gauzy ‘ocean’ of polychrome reflections.

Slightly abrasive with a repetitious chillier paced dynamic, “Blushing Stars” skips on subtly syncopated drum patterns relentlessly thudding into an immersive suspended aura permeated by enveloping hypnotic shimmers, weaved by obsessive restrained grating guitar riffs and brittle sparkling emotive reflections, over breathy vocals with a restless, disconnected edge, to cast cloudy fleeting visions that slowly impress themselves in vivid sensory perceptions, where a perpetual lilting reiteration of minimal elements pull the strength to mesmerize the senses.

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