WL//WH Track Of The Day : Garden Krist “Bright Trace”

Track Of The Day

After a long period of experiments, live cuts and archive video, promising Ukrainian husband/wife duo of Kirill Klyuch and Regina Litvinova, aka Garden Krist is back with a strings of new tracks that will be part of the forthcoming new album titled “Change of State” due out at the end of April.

Smoothing the early post-punk roughness and opting for the English language, Garden Krist‘s dreamy electronic sound with shoegaze undertones, is intense and dynamic but at the same time melodic and catchy. “Bright Trace”, my love at first sound, is a distinctive and captivating blend of pounding beats, distorted guitars, impressive mesmerising basslines that hypnotize from the start and drag into the bewitching Regina’s vocals, caught in a swirl of deep and subtle conflicting feelings of calm and tension, semplicity and intricacy, bliss and sorrow, lights and shadows; a glistening darkly dreampop gem, you can just get lost in it.  

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