WL//WH Video Of The Day : GAD WHIP “Goat Bag”

Video Of The Day GAD WHIP

Britain has been an essential part in the formation of my cultural identity, I even lived there for years, unfortunately since the 90’s is on the path toward a wild neo-liberism. This took a bit of mystique out of my view, but luckily still exist ‘free zones’ of authentic and uncontaminated good old charming English eccentricity and humor.

In the West Yorkshire‘s, maybe foursome, experimental post-punk band Gad Whip fronted by visual artist, former OneC Records label owner, ‘ranter in chief’ and occasional drummer Pete F. Davies, these distinctive characteristics are alive and kicking.

Since 2014 the group have notched a few records under their belt, most of them on tapes, the last one at the end of 2017, “Trapped In A Pin Hole Camera”, on Toronto’s Arachnidiscs Recordings, ten slivers of deranged, passionate and refreshingly authentic DIY sound, that it would have certainly been championed by John Peel.

The support of classic instrumentations with the addition of synths and occasional drum machines is enhanced by slow-paced ranting vocals breathed from the soul in a wonderful mix of angst, wry and black humour. Apart for the obvious similarities, I’ll avoid mentioning, their imaginative and cockeyed sound has clear hints of iconoclastic and dissident charge of Mark E Smith, a touch of SST label punk minimalism, the dub elements of the Pop Group, and the avant weirdness of some, still sadly ignored, bands around mid 80’s Nottingham’s Ron Johnson Records.

In “Goat Bag”, taken from the forthcoming“Post Internet Blues” album on German X-Mist Records due to be released next summer, Pete F. Davies rants against a superficial and phoney society from which he feels willingly alienated. The pounding rhythm section and the sharp and pungent, at the same time restrained and distressed guitar chords underpin his angry and fed up vocals, emphasizing his sense of disgust, sorrow and disenchantment for an unimaginative and conformist nation of sheep. 
In Pete F. Davies‘ self-released video, he portrays a mainstream society in a dollhouse representing how people live pretend lives, as he burns his belongings inside, he is released from the bondage of mainstream society, and free to live as himself in his real world.
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