WL//WH Track Of The Day: FUTURE SILENCE “Kansas Plains”

Track Of The Day  Future Silence

New garagey-dream-indie-pop 3-piece Future Silence is born out of the songwriting collaboration by longtime stalwarts of the Chicago‘s indie rock scene Kirk McMahon (Slow Thrills) on guitar/keyboards and Shannon Roberts (STAR, Modern Tyranny) on vocals/lyrics, with the addition of Rosie Schubert (Sabertooth Rodeo, Slow Thrills) on drums.

The band are going to release their self-titled EP, recorded by Balthazar de Ley (Martha’s Music, Balthazar Audio Systems) in Chicago, on September 13th, 2019 via longstanding Australian label Half a Cow Records, run by former Lemonheads and Godstar, Nic Dalton.

Five sublimely cinematic pop songs suffused with a dark, nocturnal Lynchian tone and rich in enticing hazy melodies built through driving keyboard riffs, nimble rhythmic section, subdued yet evocative guitar work, sparse elegant trumpet and piano inserts, intensified by whispery sweet female vocal laced with deep melancholy, and a subtle, underlying, unsettling feel.                 

First single, “Kansas Plains” unrolls syncopated solid drumbeats punctuated by deep, dense pin-point bass line that intertwine with sparsely faintly abrasive guitar riffs and glistening, sinuous keyboards that glide along misleading caressing vocals that build agonizingly into a simmering heartfelt and nostalgic atmosphere drowning in anger, isolation, and spite, hopelessly lost in a harsh, noisy, reality, dreaming of ‘future silence’

A delicious tantalizingly tasty appetizer.

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