WL//WH Track Of The Day: FUSED “Passion and Control”

Track Of The Day FUSED

In a week, like last, with most posts dedicated to the ’80s UK inspired synth-pop, which also played a huge part in my first listenings and gigs, in some cases memorable, Soft Cell, Ultravox, Depeche Mode, in others rather disappointing, Human League, I left behind for lack of time the new tune, “Passion and Control” by the English musician and composer Mark Kendrick under his FUSED moniker.

Included in last month’s “Transpose” instrumental CD edition, the award-winning “electronic music” artist, immediately makes his sources of inspiration clear, in this case, ‘Metal Beat’ by John Foxx and ‘The Things You Said’ by Depeche Mode, in a passionate tribute to the classic synthpop of the 80s.

And he does so in an impeccably elegant, rich and meticulously produced manner, creating atmospheres, as expected, desolate, cold and mechanical, but at the same time desperately pulsating with human warmth.

A swirling and dazzling mesmeric motion ripe with alluring tension and restlessness, subtly bubbling without ever quite breaching the surface, punctuated by dry snare beats along with resonant tinny, tinkling wistful chords, and low twangy bassline, enshrouded and overflowing with dramatic helpless moods weaving lush glaring flurries of synth on which desperate, shameful male vocals swim sorrowfully in a sea of denial, haunted by forceful female whispers lashing accusations of “Passion and Control” into the tumultuous and unforgiving ticking tides of deception.

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