WL//WH Track Of The Day: FUSEA “Medicine”

Track Of The Day Fusea

Hailing from Exeter, UK, ’80s influenced Post-Punk / Dark-Wave / Dream-Pop, cat-lover trio Fusea are on the verge of dropping their 4-track debut self-titled EP due April 30, 2019, on CD/Digital, 

The first single “Medicine” captures the fragile combination of brooding post-punk and dream pop wistful moodiness, striking a heady balance of light and dark, colour and shade spread over a riveting personal drama.

Hypnotic, jaunty, syncopated snare drumbeats effortlessly interweave with deep pulsing basslines punctuated by lilting ghostly keyboards and searing guitar licks, standing on the edge between melancholy and anxiety, cloaked in vulnerability and regret, as epitomized by concerned and discomforted vocals. The evocative climax gets claustrophobic, the rhythms and bass throb more tightly and intensely, the synths slightly buzz over barely audible breaths of pain echoed by whining guitar lingering into a sad, brittle and beautifully moving coda.

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