WL//WH Track Of The Day: FUSEA “A Spell”

Track Of The Day Fusea

Exeter, UK  trio Fusea returns, after a long hiatus since April 2019‘s self-titled debut EP, with the single “A Spell”, the first teaser from the forthcoming sophomore 6-track EP “Adrift” due November 9, 2023. 

Lovelorn lyrics confess to being under ‘A Spell’ of another’s misleading ways.

A crispier, chillier and brighter “tuning” of the band’s distinctive 80s-infused atmospheric, crepuscular and introspective Dream Pop, strewn with shadowy Darkwave and Post-Punk moodiness, reminiscent of The Cure, Lowlife and Breathless.

“A Spell” hypnotically spins on a reverb-filled sparkling looping guitar arpeggio that resonates with obsessive despair, amid dense plangent bass throbs, stabbed by steady punchy beats and echoing slashing claps, layered with hopeless weeping strains and glowing wistful synth swirls over desperate heartfelt vocals, achingly longing with melancholy and shame into an urgent flow of emotional intoxication.

Fusea‘s second EP, “Adrift”, is scheduled to be released, on CD and digital, on November 9, 2023.  

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