WL//WH Track Of The Day: FÜR LANGE “Lost”

Track Of The Day  FÜR LANGE

Hailing from Ontario, Canada, Für Lange is an enigmatic newcomer New Wave /Post-punk act, led by multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer J. Bermel, who has issued, almost simultaneously, a first batch of three new tracks, seemingly part of an upcoming debut EP.

A bass-guitar-drum machine builds a Dark Post-punk sound that draws inspiration from the stifling forlorn despair of Factory Records bands such as Joy Division and early Section 25 and the introspective atmospheric melancholy of The Chameleons.

More urgent and anxious compared to the other contemplative and immersive songs, “Lost” is laced with apocalyptic lyrics that depict a hellish landscape where dread, confusion, and retribution close in on a lost soul.

Syncopated skittering rhythm patterns are underscored by a mechanical vibrant interlocking between ominous bulky pin-point bass throbs and taut alarming clipped guitar riffs, whilst ragged strident slivers resound with a wiry obsessive ache over shadowy distorted vocals, groveling in a gloomy mindset before rising into sheer angsty fear.

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