WL//WH Track Of The Day: FRANCE FROIDE “Je n’irais pas en terrasse”


Although already appeared on Soundcloud around a year ago, the complete body of work, comprised two EPs and a couple of singles, including a cover by Karl Kave, by the Paris-based Cold Wave band France Froid, not to be confused with the 80s unsung cult heroes Guerre Froide and the similar contemporary groups Sang Froide and Douche Froide, only recently has been uploaded all at once to Bandcamp.

Seemingly a solo project, France Froid draws mainly from early Joy Division/Warsaw, to create a stripped-down, raw, and chilly Post-punk sound, imbued by shadows and glooms, as well as tortured by a relentless barrage of despairing intensity and inner turmoil, that somehow could recall fellow old compatriots Leitmotiv and Complot Bronswick.

A stark and heartfelt statement of disenchantment, loneliness, and alienation, set to music by an energetic and intense combination of tight pounding rhythms, hypnotic rumbling bass throbs, forceful, angular guitar riffs, and morose vocalizations at times unraveling into anguished cries.

Although sometimes too chaotic and boomy, is not short of captivating visceral songs imbued with weighty brooding emotive passion, just like the opening track “Je n’irais pas en terrasse / I would not go on the terrace” from the EP “Le Fil.”

A Paris diary entry, dated Spring 2020, observes one’s daily life and habits, compares them to others, and concludes a collective denial of reality at the hands of urban and societal decay.

A prominent gritty bass line throbs ominously along with steady thumping, stumbling drum beats, stabbed by strident pained sparkly guitar slivers and poignant wiry strains atop lost haunted emotional vocals, releasing urgent angst and dread into an approaching edge of darkness.

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