WL//WH Track Of The Day: FORTUNATO DURUTTI MARINETTI “Lightning On A Sunny Day”

Track Of The Day  Fortunato Durutti Marinetti

Back in the spotlight again, after last year’s ‘fortunato’ (i.e. successful), in every respect, sophomore album, “Memory’s Fool”, my ‘fellow citizen’, born in Italy, precisely in Turin, yet grew up in Toronto, Mr. Daniel Colussi, a surname, I guess from the North-eastern part of the country, which suggests to me also a popular brand of biscuits from the ’80s, with his composite and intriguing nom de plume Fortunato Durutti Marinetti, which combines Italian spirit, Futurism, Anarchism and imaginative Guitarism.

After surfing, aboard The Shilohs and later Pinc Lincolns, the seemingly floating sea of the Alternative-Indie-Pop-Rock underground scene for about 2 decades, inspired by folk icons such as Leonard Cohen, Robert Wyatt, Annette Peacock and Joni Mitchell, the singer/songwriter has enriched his speak-singing style rooted in folk, that can somehow recall the inflection of Lou Reed’s storytelling, with a wide number of diverse suggestions ranging from Jazz, Baroque Pop, Prog, Classical and Minimalism.

Meticulously recorded once again in collaboration with fellow Toronto denizen, with the clear Italian name of Sandro Perri, the eclectic musician the most attentive will know for some brilliant solo albums, experimental projects such as Polmo Polpo and Glissandro 70, as well as a member of the Great Lake Swimmers, the forthcoming third full-length, “Eight Waves In Search Of An Ocean”, which marks the fresh affiliation with the Florence-based DIY label Quindi Records, besides the usual US imprint Soft Abuse, was born with the firm intention to widening the artist’s sound palette to create an organic alchemy in which synthesizers, saxophones and violins harmonize in a coherently final unitary melange, and likewise each song outlined a story of its own. 

Contemplative lyrics share the unpredictable nature of things through a fateful lens of dreams and fears.

The first teaser, “Lightning On A Sunny Day”, is a nostalgic, reflective, and visionary synth-laden mélange that unfolds pulsating on repetitive soft rhythmic patterns and skittering tinny hi-hats, interlaced with eternally bouncy warm bass lines, wrapped in fluttering shimmering synth string swells over upbeat atmospheric spoken word vocals, punctuated with nervous haloes and layered echoes, releasing angst and doubt, framed by a shivering violin and blowing noodlings of wistful tenor sax, into an airy free expanse of whimsical moods.

Fortunato Durutti Marinetti‘s third album, “Eight Waves In Search Of An Ocean”, is scheduled to be released on November 3, 2023, in Vinyl 12″ and Digital formats, through Quindi Records (EU) and Soft Abuse (US).

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