WL//WH Track Of The Day : FORNICATA “Toxicity” (V/A Stimmen Der Seele Vol​.​3)

Track Of The Day

A compilation of underground and, most of the times, unsigned artists from the dark alternative scene like ‘Stimmen Der Seele Vol. 3’, created, with enthusiasm and dedication, by the Greek radio-webzine based in Athens, DIE SEELE, goes beyond its intrinsic value, moreover of excellent quality, but gives added meaning and strength. 

Far from any commercial concerns, such as spontaneous, pristine and genuine music, deeply embodies the underbelly of human desires, obsessions, perversions and most of all its innermost fears. 

Californian dark electronic artist Fornicata has long used to craft high quality dark synth sound. 

“Toxicity” drive by pulsating hypnotic bass lines and repetitive beats, underpinned by enticingly icy synth and wistful forlorn vocals, convey visceral emotional depth into an infectious, brooding sliver of danceable dark wave bliss.

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