WL//WH Track Of The Day: FORNICATA “Bloodline”

Track Of The Day Fornicata

Among those who still hang out consistently on Soundcloud, despite the recent annoying pop-up ads, is darkwave producer Fornicata, residing in the mountains of California, who has sharpened his darkness carving instruments for the incoming annual Soundcloud community’s Darksiders Halloween Playlist with the new ominuos ‘vampire wave’ treat “Bloodline” tinged with intriguing shoegazeing sweeps.

Smouldering bassline danger along with propulsive kicks and taut, thumping snare beats lay a sinister trance-inducing drive, erupting into a looming dark cloud of droning synth menace, that sways and hovers with feral intensity over wicked, cryptic male vocal’s narcotic whispers and paranoid offerings.

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