WL//WH Track Of The Day: FOG “Humidifier”

Track Of The Day FOG

After having enraptured the listener in sinuous spirals of dreamlike aural bliss with their 2020 debut album “Fogesque”, as much to grab the attention for a deserved vinyl edition from the always attentive Shelflife Records, Seoul City Shoegazers FOG return with the one-time new single “Humidifier”.

The South Korean 4-piece has deftly shaped, since the early demos from 2017/18, a distinctive and constantly evolving atmospheric guitar-laden sound, in which Shoegaze, heavily influenced by Slowdive at first, Dream Pop and Indie Rock, ceaselessly merge and harmonize, typified by a lush and shimmering intricate, quiet-loud guitar work, in this latest track with jangly Midwest Emo nuances, painstakingly honed in its progressions as well as in handling interludes and restarts, fueled by a nimble shifting rhythm section, with an imaginative knack for building moods and feelings together with unadulterated melodic sensibilities.

Dark lyrics brooding in an insecure, haunted realm of depressed lonely doubt.

“Humidifier” unfurls lulling melodic shimmering arpeggios that deflagrate in iterated resonant and whirling jangly wandering, subtly enlivened by a swelling undertow of loose-limbed drumming and warm lithe bass pulses, amidst a tinkly, sharp rippling recess, to drifting restlessly in urgent blankets of rustling fuzzy distortion, whilst velvety angsty vocals release dreamy dread into an intoxicating aura of pain.

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