WL//WH Track Of The Day: FOE “Pain Pill”

Track Of The Day  FOE

Started in 2020, the Tel Aviv based solo project, FOE, heartfeltly crafts modern dramatic Synthpop inspired by the ’80s, with Retrowave and Vaporwave leanings.

The brand new sophomore single, “Pain Pill”, sorely influenced by an active battle with Crohn’s disease, clearly unveils a dreamy, energetic, and intense emotional heavy electro-pop sound, laced with wistful melodic quality, echoing Jimmy Somerville-like emotive high-pitched vocalizations in the final part.

“Pain Pill” walks its way mechanically through steady, thudding beats, interspersed by tumbling drum fills, and hypnotic pulsing forsaken bass patterns, around which graft, organically, layers of dazzling and tinkling synth chords and surging glittering piercing reverberations to inject both dark and ethereal polychromatic shades into an enveloping sense of poignant melancholy, obscure menace, and cathartic dancing euphoria, amidst distant, pain-filled male vocals emotional and fearful cries ebbing and flowing into the hazy drifts of subconscious darkness.

Check out the trippy molecular sequences made music video directed and produced by Foe himself and Yazek Shrem.

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