WL//WH Track Of The Day: FLOWERBED “Blame”

Track Of The Day  Flowerbed

To flesh out the growing squadron of talented shoegaze bands hailing from Texas (Blushing, Angel Aura, Trauma Ray, Daze, Glia, Astragal, Rei Clone, just to name a few), Flowerbed is a quartet based in Denton, comprised of Bailo Biggs (vocals, bass), Capa Martinez (guitar), Andrew Czornyj (guitar) and Michael Royeton (drums), who plays an intense and energetic blend of introspective woozy dream pop and shimmering frantic shoegaze, built on distorted sounds, smooth, dreamy vocals, and shifting soundscapes.

Following last Summer’s debut S/T EP, the 4-piece has just dropped the new single “Blame”.

Fast-paced tight drums laced with undulating reverb-laden slabs of sharp fuzzy distortion, rife with dismayed emotions and bleak agony, underpinning resounding disenchanted crystalline guitar melodies shimmering over distant, desperate, disoriented female vocals, increasingly submerged under a wailing hazy blanket of discomforting boisterous yet restrained feedback, dreamily destroing any hope of irresponsibility as there is “no one else to blame.”

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