WL//WH Track Of The Day: FLOWER CROWN “High Fantasy”

Track Of The Day Flower Crown

I confess that, despite being a sucker of all things related to the Byrds and Big Stars, I arrived late to the quintet from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, FLOWER CROWN, only on the occasion of the recent second album “Sundries”, released last spring, via fellow independent record label Crafted Sounds.

Authors of a striking and winsome dreamy jangly-pop tunesmithery of strong melancholic, nostalgic and introspective qualities with a dash of psychedelia, the band are back with the new single “High Fantasy” still on Crafted Sounds.

If the fascinating suggestions to the gravelly voice of Michael Stipe instill once again a distinctive flair, stand out also evocative, ecstatic and ethereal guitar tones, recalling the delicate yet sparkling psychedelic pop of bands like Rain Parade and True West from the ’60s-influenced Californian Paisley Underground scene of the mid-’80s.

Concise tight rhythms section instigates radiant shimmering jangly guitar melodies to chime and ring out seamlessly with lilting, magnetic intensity, over poignantly alluring build of interlacing vocal harmonies and counter-melodies, shrouded in a mesmerizing haze held into a suspended meditative state of wonder, inducing a trance-like blissfully weightless ‘high fantasy’.
After the recent brilliant album, another intriguing and continuously invigorating effort for Pittsburgh‘s 5-piece with a full-bodied, rich guitar sound that suggests further sonic explorations.

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