WL//WH Track Of The Day: FLOR CONCRETA “She’s Closer”

Track Of The Day  Flor Concreta

The Amsterdam-based one-man dark music project of São Paulo bred, Brazilian artist Vini Ferreira, under his Flor Concreta moniker, has just dropped his third and best single so far, titled “She’s Closer”.

Equally shadowy and danceable as the previous single, the new track is a minimal and morose goth-tinged post-punk number characterized by heavily effected, shimmering guitar tones ala The Cure or nearer Twin Tribes, that light a moody and mopey atmosphere, haunted by a hypnotic rumbling bass and Vini’s deep, cold, magnetic voice laced with surrealist poetry.

The lyrics agonize in regret, while waiting to be set free from self-imprisonment.

Propelled by steady, thumping drum beats, interspersed by sporadic bursts of claps, reverb-strewn emotional sparkling guitar melodies soar their way through the claustrophobic obscure pulsating underbelly of a relentless bleak meandering bassline, ringing hypnotically with wistful ceremonial longings, crossed by dazzling frozen synth flows, sprawling and resonating around forsaken, brooding croons, staggering with warm comforting passions to elicit hope from fear.

Flor Concreta seems to be on the right track.

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