WL//WH Track Of The Day: FLASHES “Ocean”

Track Of The Day FLASHES

Active for over a decade and with a self-titled debut album in 2013 under their belt, Flashes is a 4-piece band from Cornwall, UK, back recently, after a long 4-year hiatus, with two singles, the latest titled “Ocean.”

With sonic roots in the 90s, the quartet create a vibrant seamless alternation/fusion between noise and melody, shadows and lights, amid evocative atmospheric reflective moments and searing clangorous outbursts, in the best Shoegaze/Grunge fashion.

“Ocean” lyrically deals with a humiliated person who watches as the afflicter of their pain becomes publicly exposed and faces the consequences of their actions.

The song glimmers, buzzes and bulges, floating through plodding drum beats and warm bass pulses underlying obsessive sparkling arpeggiated guitar ringlets, wrapped in ghostly reverberations, oozing seething agony, submerged by abrasive blazing surges of rippling plaintive fuzzy distortion and scratching strident frequencies, to enclose strained whispery vocals, struggling to emerge from a suffocating swell of emotional turmoil.

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