WL//WH Track Of The Day : Фирма-однодневка [firma-odnodnevka] ‘Синтет / Syntet’

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Russian post-punk/cold wave duo based out of YekaterinburgФирма-однодневка [firma-odnodnevka], made up of Roman Semenov (voice, bass, synths) and Vadim Veselov (guitar, synths and drum machine), are fresh from dropping their sophomore full-length ‘Второй альбом’.

Seven dense, brooding and intriguing slices of quintessential DIY Russian cold post-punk permeate of a distinctive poignant blend of melancholy, nostalgia and pain, mark a further step forward both in terms of songwriting and sound with a more prominent use of vintage synthesizers combined with the usual reverb-drenched guitars, dark pounding and pulsing rhythms and plaintive vocals.

Closing song of the album ‘Синтет / Syntet’ is one of the finest examples.

Fast ominous bouncing bassline and slashing beats propel the song forward into a dark and drab hole of overwhelming claustrophobia and submission oozed from detached, robotic and baritone vocals clouded by depression and remorse albeit lately lighted by promises. At first icy, penetrating and eerie swathes of synth grow increasingly rushed and epic underpinned by rapid rhythms and final loud declamations of freedom, happiness, and hope.

Imprisoned for an unknown crime, a man reminisces about the helplessness felt at the hands of the guards. Discipline and obedience became his salvation helping him evolve into a more complex, half-human, half-machine being, allowing him to be reborn and released.

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