WL//WH Track Of The Day: FINE. “October They’ll Be”

Track Of The Day   FINE.

Subjangle label regulars, Boston/Sheffield, UK-based duo Fine, the moniker where the soloist composers & musicians Alice Kat and Liam James Marsh (aka Kid Chameleon) combine a refined distinctive knack to concoct a modern and highly emotional jangle-infused indie pop sound, constantly augmented by glimmering nuances and precious details imbued with deep emotion, laced with lo-fi aesthetic and both lyrical and melodic intimate sensitivity.

The band’s latest aural gift just in time for Christmas time, the single “October They’ll Be”, lyrically deals with a lonely soul who observes the clutter lying about whilst waiting for a loved one to come home.

Proof of what I said above, a gentle, yet vibrant and resonant outpouring of crystalline arpeggios harmonize in and out with a scintillating rippling cascade of wistful, twinkling piano keys, to stir a mesmerizing dual male-female vocal interplay, coalescing sad fragile angst with gentle backup whispers, to evoke longing and worry, amid restless sparkling and buzzing spirals of hope.

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