WL//WH Track Of The Day: FIGURE SECTION “My Nemesis”

Curiously came to mind a few weeks ago, dealing with an act of a very similar name, if there were any news from the Brussels based duo FIGURE SECTION, in silence in terms of music production since their first EP “Spectre” on Berlin’s imprint aufnahme + wiedergabe in October 2019, as often happens a premonition of the fresh announcement of their long-awaited full-length album, “Mirages”, via fellow DIY Antibody label and the related release of 3 previews in just over a week.

Evidently, the band, comprised of Austrian-born musician, lyricist and actress Olivia Carrère and Belgian industrial /techno musician Yannick Franck (Raum, Orphan Swords), had been nurturing and perfecting their deft approach to composition and arrangement through a seamless minimal retro-modern synthesis of dark synth-driven Cold Wave and Post-punk, augmented by undercurrents of EBM, Industrial and Techno.

An unpredictable synth-led sound entirely elegant, austere and gripping in its own right, enshrouded in a mysterious nocturnal flair, that pulse, both melodic and energetic, with a subdue sharp-edge, through a heady concoction of sleek crisp rhythms, rooted droning low ends, wavering icy synth patterns, poignant stabbing melodies and emotive chords to highlight the somberly emotional strain and magnetic sensuality of her melancholic vocal delivery.

The last track unveiled, “My Nemesis”, is laced with eerie poetic lyrics that reveal an inescapable obsession lingering beneath the skin’s surface inducing dread and shame.

Ceaselessly lead by dry snare hits, a crackling and chugging bassline throbs like a forsaken heartbeat, slowly coated by frigid glaring synth swathes and piercing faltering tinkling chords, to soar in restrained melancholic intensity, reverberating the alluringly forlorn, impassioned vocal release of vulnerable haunted fear into a merciless invasion of doubt.

Figure Section‘s debut album is slated for release, cassette & digital, on April 1, 2022 via Antibody label.

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