WL//WH Track Of The Day: FE “Me dejaras hasta el final”

Track Of The Day FE 

Mexico City-based Fe is the solo project of Ulysses Soto, who blends 80s-styled Darkwave influences with an array of sound elements from Synth Wave, Post-punk, Industrial and all in between.

The latest single, “Me dejaras hasta el final / You will leave me until the end”, draws profound emotional pain cloaked in an industrialized brutal agonizing ambiance, charged with reckless electricity and ghostly obscurity.

Stark punchy beats, weaved with a buzzing staggering bassline, pound through with a ruthless and fiercely intense drive, charged with resonant metallic clangor, encircled by an eerie oppressive swarm of searing synth harshness and weeping desolation, whilst stirring atmospheric vocals switch bewitching baritone broods with sinister rising menace, to evoke dramatic and haunting vibes from the seething suffering of undying abandonment dread.

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