WL//WH Track Of The Day: Жертва Моды / Fashion Victim “Дискотека теней / Discotheque of the Shadows”

Track Of The Day  Жертва Моды / Fashion Victim

“I wish, it was always night” is the incipit, the title of the 2-track debut single “Я хочу, чтоб всегда была ночь”, that introduces the listener to the music of the new Russian two-piece band Жертва Моды / Fashion Victim, lead by the singer of Novosibirsk’s depressive Black Metallers культура курения [Smoking Culture], Andrei Stashkevich, a seamless and consistent, finely crafted goth-tinged combination of bleak Post-punk despair, reverb-laden Blackgaze slivers and Black Metal screeching vocal menace, laced with emotional-ridden poetic lyrics that display an increasingly claustrophobic colder world of a devastated and fragmented existence.

Driven by steady punchy beats, “Дискотека теней / Discotheque of the Shadows” triggers a dirging, throbbing bassline that burbles ominously with barren coldness, pierced by searing, forlorn guitar melodies to instil hazy melancholic layers of utter desperation, emphasized by airy glaring desolate synth swathes atop harsh throaty male vocals, beset with death and darkness, screaming agony, pain, and anger into a looming apocalypse of doom.

On the flip, “Отблеск / Glow”, once again the grinding vocal delivery consistently harmonizes and complements with the more rhythmically jagged and choppy, yet equally sparkling and gloomy instrumentation.

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