WL//WH Track Of The Day: FAREWELL FOREVER “Katatovia”

Track Of The Day Farewell Forever

Brand new elusive one-man project from Houston, TX, named Farewell Forever, at the debut with two introspective, poignant yet stripped-down post-punk meets coldwave songs, through the minimal instrumental support of guitar, bass, both electric and synthetic, and drum machines to bolster the intense and vibrant introvert, forlorn vocalizations, channelling Morrissey tones of self-deprecating gloom, laced with a heart-rending pitch of urgency.

“Katatovia”, from Greek ‘Κατατονία’ (Catatonia – a severe psychiatric condition), ignites sinuously warbling bassline meanders ceaselessly, along with slashing snare beats, through piercing and subtly abrasive layers of guitar melodies, that soar in achingly chiming, high-pitch intensity and slowly unwind helplessly in weaves of bleak and dismal emptiness over sad, brooding baritone male vocals, cut with atmospheric moans, that quiver and croon, cloaked in shattered shadows of lost loss.

Essential, heartfelt, without frills, but profoundly gripping.

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