WL//WH Track Of The Day: FAKE BLISS “Yeah Haha”

Track Of The Day  FAKE BLISS  

Debuted last year with a cover from the mercurial, fuzzed-out stoner pop of Shitkid, certainly sharper, equally gritty, yet less scruffy tones run through the new single, titled,  “Yeah Haha”, from the blurred Barcelona-based “Underground Pop” solo project Fake Bliss, churning with an intoxicating restless rocking energy and Shoegaze textures, wrapped in a Grunge blanket.

“Yeah Haha” is a song about going to the city to escape it all and the nervous worry about the consequences that take place afterwards.

Sad hypnotic tinny strums stop and trigger steady punchy drum beats and weeping, painful high-pitched guitar flourishes, loaded with reverb, which slowly catch fire giving way to an uproar of vibrant crunchy distorted riffage in unison with soft restless layered spoken word vocals, surging into bursts of harsh impassioned gravelly screams, finally aching with emotional boisterous broods.

Let’s intriguingly wait to listen to the upcoming debut album to see if it will deliver further “Fake Bliss”.

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