WL//WH Track Of The Day: FACTICE FACTORY “Weimar”

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Long-standing French/Swiss tri-lingual band Factice Factory, founded in 2013 by singer and lyricist Francois Ducarn aka Chroma Carbon (also of Sinex Sinex), bassist/guitarist Fabrice Lefebvre (Rajna), and synth player and drum programmer Théotime Lefebvre (Thermafrost), authors of a brace of memorable albums between 2014 and 2015, followed, 3 years later, by the brilliant 3rd LP “Lines & Parallels”, has reappeared this year with a string of flawless singles, it is no exception the latest dismal and immersive “Weimar”.

The trio creates a timeless yet nostalgic, elegant shadowy sound of glacial and disturbing sombre beauty, ceaselessly a purveyor of profound unsettling emotional drive, combining the misty melancholy and brooding, typical of the early 80s British Post Punk/Wave and French Coldwave, with the existential decadence and alienation of the current Orwellian futuristic dystopia.

Droning, glaring swirls fades into insistent lashing snare beats whipping rhythmically a deep bleak pulsing bassline that spurts and stutters enshrouding wistful doom below hum-charged icily desolate airy synth swathes and glistening guitar melodies that burst in agonizing distorted wails, whilst a hint of New Order-ish drum pattern triggers a brisk, rolling menace of synth low end and snapping off-tempo hits fuelling distant atmospheric broodings that echo and fade amid dismal detached male vocals into a dark, dreamy introspection of anxiety and fear.

Immaculate single, chapeau!

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