WL//WH Track Of The Day: FABBRICA 82 “The Sea”

Track Of The Day  FABBRICA 82

“The Sea” with its vastness and its inspirational magnetic force, is a pull of inspiration for the sophomore single from a newcomer solo artist from Norway, under the moniker of Fabbrica 82, “playing dark Synth-Pop”, about a person who fondly remembers an intimate time spent walking along the beach with a loved one as a transformative moment.

After a more turbulent and certainly darker yet equally heartfelt first single, as the title suggests, “Darkness”, the Norwegian act, namely based in Andebu, digs in deep and indelible nostalgic glimmers from haunting memories encapsulating an ideal 80s-tinged captivating balance between vibrancy, emotion and somber introspection, akin of early OMD.

“The Sea” elicits an enveloping and immersive earnest passion through bright stirring swirls of warm vibrant arpeggiated synths, anchored by pulsing punchy snare drums and murky undulating bass undertows, to drift and shiver, palpitating and brimming with compelling pervasive bittersweet melancholy along with soft romantic vocals, longing with deep emotional vulnerability.

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