WL//WH Track Of The Day: EXTRA BLUE CIEL “On The Edge”

Track Of The Day   EXTRA BLUE CIEL

Based in Bern, Switzerland, Sadie La Chèvre & Nora Düster under the moniker Extra Bleu Ciel, draw on the 80s-tinged Minimal Synth / Coldwave sounds to create haunting, surreal, at times playful, ghostly synthscapes, laced with joyous gloominess, fragile introspection and dark romanticism.

Extra Bleu Ciel‘s latest track “On The Edge” lurches through sinisterly brooding and throbbing organic bass lines, relentlessly crawling over both tinny and thudding, hypnotic percussive patterns, smeared by a low droning frequency, whilst doleful willowy fluid keyboard drifts wander lonesome around haunted somber spoken word male vocals, delivering an apocalyptic revelation, amid cool celestial female comforts, to evoke feelings of tragic melancholy and hopeless doom.

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