WL//WH Track Of The Day: EX-HYENA “Motorfreaks”

Track Of The Day Ex-Hyena 

Boston, Massachusetts based dystopian electronic dance music instigators (former Future Carnivores, Emerald Comets, Guillermo Sexo), Reuben Bettsak, and Bo Barringer, known as Ex-Hyena, have unveiled the third single from the band’s upcoming debut album, “Artificial Pulse”, due for release on February 19.

The pair blend dystopic futuristic electronic sounds of the past and present in the new transcendent dark synth-laden “Motorfreaks”, describing a night in the life of a post-apocalyptic city where mayhem and ruin fuel the high-speed adrenaline rush of a police chase.

Bursting with an obsessive humming throbbing bassline, crispy mechanical electro rhythms, and off-tempo tight percussive patterns rambling bouncily through the neon-lit dark night, stabbed by vexed flashing glaring swathes of analog synths, while distressed stealthy dual vocals blend shady secret whispers, with high quivering mania, to unleash intense dramatic characters from the seedy underworld of “Motorfreaks.”

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