WL//WH Track Of The Day: EX-HEIR “Absurd (It’s Mine) Ft. NIA”

Track Of The Day  EX-HEIR

Bay Area‘s artist John Anton Malinowskj, under his EX-HEIR moniker, keeps on digging into a raw, splintered and alienating mutant form of sequenced bass-charged Body Music, drawing from D.A.F, Coil, Fad Gadget, Alan Vega, Skinny Puppy, and Front 242 to name a few, powered by an unyielding cold mechanical drive and dingy Industrial decay, built on minimal yet thick instrumentation of harsh and blazing analogue synthesizers and crushing vintage groove boxes fueled by spooky and pained vocals, to stick a stifling atmosphere of lingering tension and dystopian dread.

EX-HEIR has unveiled the first preview, “Absurd (It’s Mine) Ft. NIA”, from the forthcoming 10-track album, “BODY SCAM”, via Colombian independent label, run by Filmmaker, Body Musick.

One of the 3 guest vocal collaborations from the LP, along with Eva Rose and Caitlin Siegle, the Greek musician Night In Athens (AKA Nia) delivers deep intense and haunting vocalizations echoing early Malaria! vibes.

The lyrics, written by Nia, brood in a darkened realm of doubt and guilt to take possession of death and embrace it with obsessive adoration.

An oppressively burly, discordant and jarring bassline sets the unnerving murky backdrop, undulating with ruthless droning hypnosis, cut by steady crunching beats and obsessively bleeding wiry synth whirls, to churn underneath disjointed anxious deep vocals, deadened by toxic veils of sinister deceptions.

EX-HEIR‘s upcoming 10-track full-length album, “BODY SCAM”, is slated for release, in Cassette/Vinyl 12″ and Digital formats, on November 1, 2022, through Body Musick.

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Photo by @jehn.w.a_photo