WL//WH Track Of The Day: EX DIVA “Stripped”

Track Of The Day Ex Diva

Hailing from the ‘eternal city’, Ex Diva is a brand new Italian power trio comprised of Fabrizio Di Mario (drums), Andrea Triestino (guitar) and Jacopo Purificati (vocals, bass guitar).

Although post-punk is the definition that best describes the style of the band, the 3-piece seem to incorporate, in addition to a strong punk aesthetic, also garage and noise-rock elements, while lacking any Gothic attribute.

“Stripped” is the title of Ex Diva‘s angst-driven electrifying debut single, it’s poignant and disturbing, yet fierce and powerful.

Unrelenting scattered, pounding drums rush the tumultuous beats, submerged by roiling distorted dense layers of guitar, equally obsessive yet melodic, charged by a frantic smouldering bassline, conjuring up a harrowing fiercely defiant mood, embodied by punkish rugged vocals break forth in a caustic disgusted rant, before drifting in a seething staccato bridge where bass rumbles ominously, cut by scratching howls before resuming the abrasive pace towards an undulating, shambolic yet restrained, boisterous fuzzy coda, emphasizing sad suffering cries over misplaced jealousy, judgement, and greed in a demented world of vain materiality.

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