WL//WH Track Of The Day: EVNTYD “Suffer Me”

Track Of The Day EVNTYD

Following last January’s debut album, “Eventide”, teeming with a striking yet untweaked potential, the young highly talented Austin, Texas-based Alternative Rock composer and musician under the EVNTYD moniker, focused, in the last couple of years, on a distinctive quick-swiping moody mix of 90s Indie rock and Shoegaze with smatterings of Dream Pop and Post-punk, who instantly grabbed me on Soundcloud awhile ago, alternating between noisier and gazey moments and more reflective ones; DIIV, Nirvana, MBV, Whirr, Day Wave, The Cure, are the most obvious references among the many.

The new single, “Suffer Me”, marks a departure from his previously lo-fi, bedroom oeuvres, for a clearly more vivid, crunchy, and dynamic sonic approach, while, lyric-wise, captures the overwhelming fear of a lost soul who finds himself alone, needing to handle things for himself amid an intense longing to be cared for.

“Suffer Me” is imbued with a high energy, lush, guitar-driven haze fueled by urgent galloping drums, and humming basslines, whilst punching with soaring hooks, ringing and wailing sharp-edged riffs laced with invigorating abrasive fuzz around angsty, aching vocals releasing helpless anxiety into an unremitting rush of emotional chaos.

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