WL//WH Track Of The Day: EUGH “Looking Glass”

Track Of The Day EUGH

EUGH is the moniker of the weirdo punk project of Melbourne-based Vincent, seemingly ‘the most brilliant man alive’ as the title of last year’s Eugh debut 7″ EP suggests, Vincent is also the frontman of the longstanding raw garage-y post-punk outfit Hideous Sun Demon, but our man doesn’t stop there, exploring also bedroom indie-pop realms as Terrible Signal, while in his former original Perth life was a member, not the main singer though, of synth-punxs Kitchen People.

Vincent‘s songwriting eclectism is further shown by the brand new 3-track EP CASSINGLE #2, the follow up to Volume 1, where both edgy and catchy robotic Devocore, deranged Synth-Punk and frenzied Egg-Punk are paired with a creepy and mysterious organ-laden Electro-Wave meets Post-Punk trip through the “Looking Glass”, intersecting between parallel timelines of fear, sorrow, and abandonment, whilst exploring the eternal connections lying in the subconscious shadows of pain.

Coming after a killer rock’n’roll garagey punk cover of 1966‘s Holland-Dozier-Holland Motown soul classic “There’s A Ghost In My House”, “Looking Glass” is propelled by steady galloping rhythms that unwind in a turbulent magnetic bubbling sea of a bassline sequence and shredded arcade Lazer effect whirls, enshrouded in solemn ethereal keyboard layers tragically swelling over starry-eyed, aloof male vocals dropping anxious obsessions into a swirling vortex of hypnotic devotion.