WL//WH Track Of The Day: ETERNAL DUST “Candy“

Track Of The Day  ETERNAL DUST  

Summoning the timeless sonic embers from the ’80s trailblazers such as The Cure, Cocteau Twins, and Siouxsie and The Banshees, in a seamless Goth-tinged fusion of Dream Pop, New Wave, Art-rock and Post-punk elements, Sidney-based 3-piece Eternal Dust returns with a brand new single“Candy”, a foretaste from the upcoming first full-length album “Spiritual Healers, Defense Lawyers”, following the compelling late 2020 debut 5-track self-titled EP via DERO Arcade.

Born of the dedicated camaraderie of Ebonny Munro (vocals, synth), Oscar Sulich (guitar), and Finn Parker (bass), the Australian unit depicts ghostly, wistful, and intoxicating soundscapes, subtly bursting with raw, sheer emotional intensity, layered with intricate, sparkling, occasionally angular and sharp, guitar riffs, forlorn bass vibrations, atmospheric keyboard washes, and eerie vocal allurement, colored with fanciful and esoteric lyrics that swirl temptation, fantasy, and fear into a hazy lens of whimsical desire.

An invigorating Johnny Marr-esque rapid swaying strumming hacks its way through a steady underpinning of hypnotic snare loops and a brooding pulsating bassline, while an echoing springy jangly slather of enrapturing crystalline guitar melodies, encircled by swirling lonesome synth swathes, sinuously wanders, twirls, and chimes with a melancholic ache, around sassy, ecstatic vocals, breathing haunted airs and wild shrieks through a surreal chaos of intoxicating moods.

A genuine aural ‘candy’ of bewitching enticement.

Eternal Dust’s debut LP “Spiritual Healers, Defense Lawyers” is due out on February 17th through Melbourne’s label Lulu’s Sonic Disc Club.

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photo by @ellenvirgona