WL//WH Track Of The Day: ENVY FANG “A Different Life”

Track Of The Day   ENVY FANG

ENVY FANG is a brand new one-man darkwave /post-punk band from Oakland, California, who has just previewed a couple of tracks from the forthcoming first “Closer To The Light” EP.

Arrowing and atmospheric at the same time immersive and edgy, the goth-tinged post-punk cut, “A Different Life”, discloses lost heartfelt croons groping in darkness over a path of self-destruction that led to uncertainty and suffering.

Achingly mournful and brooding vibrations unravel into the crippling shadowy recesses of grieved obscurity dragged unmercifully by vigorous thumping drum beats and the subdued funereal pulses of a bleak bassline, torn out and lit by wailing and agonizing reverb-filled guitar sharpness to inject a hypnotic poignant penetrating edge over scruffy lost, haunted male vocals weakly grasping for hope through a piercing numbness of pain.

The voice shifts to an angrier, raspier and emotional-ridden tone, while the shimmering and plaintive shoegazey guitar riffs are more restrained in the equally convincing second song “Live Vicariously”, making for a nocturnal and moody, plain intriguing first foray.

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