WL//WH Track Of The Day: Eminencé Grise “Kondogbia”

Track Of The Day Eminencé Grise

I was recently contacted by a brand new band from the Balkans that in just over two songs, “Kondogbia” and “Smart Words”, show, surprisingly, an already mature and refined songwriting with signs of great potential on which to build.

I still missed a post from Montenegro, and right from Ulcinj is based Eminencé Grise, the musical project formed by Adonis Kasneci and Nazmi Haxhibrahimi, ‘whose main purpose is to explore and share mutual ideas, later to be transformed into a creative process’‘Heavily influenced by the post-punk movement’, the duo sprinkle their sound with rich sonic nuances ranging from new wave and psychedelia to shoegaze and folk.

Poignant and introspective,“Kondogbia” uncoils ominous melodic post-punkish basslines that relentlessly pulses infused of dark flair, underlie by subdued drumbeats and droning synths, and interspersed by doleful and glistening reverb-charged guitar notes, fostering a profound hazy sense of desolation and gloom, as sombre and contemplative vocals swirl dazzlingly echoed by mesmerizing whining shards of guitar melodies capturing a delicately mournful emotional intensity with a disturbing noirish edge that’s difficult to disregard.

Check out also the gloomier and darkly immersive, folk and psych flavoured, “Smart Words”, for a band to definitely look out for…