WL//WH Track of The Day : ELYSIAN “Twist of the Knife”

Track of The Day

I’m so happy to discover, once again my friends, the cult that never rests, the cult that never dies! It is here alive, lurking in the gutters of the world, insisting on its morbid and still so attractive sleazy sounds, and casting musings from the underground upon the crust of the mainstream. Atlanta’s deathrock/anarcho post-punks Elysian surprised me with their new 3-track S/T EP released on February 9, in their aggressive, venomous and so fresh approach to the beloved genres! Deathrock rules: crunchy guitar riffing, black leather bass, a furious rat on drums, and a girl on vocals so critical and nailed to the US punk rock heritage, damn me the band kills! You won’t listen to any deceptive and thunderous loudness or any refined goth punks, but you’ll experience a sonic force which comes from the soul in the dead of the night, armed with their cleverness in song-writing and their stunning performance! The spirit lives on and it slashes with only a Twist of the Knife, yeah!

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Written by Loud Cities Mike