WL//WH Track Of The Day: Электроптицы / Electrobirds “Я отказался / I said no”

Track Of The Day Электроптицы / Electrobirds

As Berthold Brecht said in a well-known poem, it is always the weakest and most fragile who pay the price of the wars that follow seamlessly one another in every part of the planet.

How complicated it is to describe, running the risk to decontextualize, the intimate feelings of those who are directly experiencing the far away blasts of the bombs or the alarming high-pitched sound of the air-raid sirens, the tension, uncertainty and fear of what might happen.

Sometimes a simple pop song that speaks to the heart, even if only for a few minutes, has the strength to comfort and warm from the insidious frozen foreboding winds that come from the boundless perilous sea of human troubles.

Straight from the in peril pearl of the Black Sea, Odesa, hailing the Ukrainian indie guitar pop 4-piece Электроптицы / Electrobirds, fresh from releasing the brand new single, “Я отказался / I said no”, via Kyiv‘s label элек///чество, maybe with the purpose of reaching and relieving someone alone, drowned in oppressive stark darkness with their spirit in tatters.

The song vibrates and reverberates in a smoothly cathartic inner whirlwind of profound emotions, seemingly uplifting yet pervaded with a subtle and indissoluble gravity that reflects the surrounding distressing anxiety, driven by heart-racing beats along with a sprightly rolling bassline to stir a palpitating earnest emotive ebb and flow in which to get lost, enraptured by shiny keyboards glows and crystalline wistful guitar melodies that ripple and sparkle like splinters piercing the soul, while wandering hopelessly around melancholic longings, breathing relentless angst and nostalgic pain into poignant swells and swirls of helpless fear.

As a band dear to me uses to claim ‘We Must Stand Unified’… nevertheless.

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