WL//WH Track Of The Day: EL OJO Y LA NAVAJA “13 Lunas”

Track Of The Day  EL OJO Y LA NAVAJA

El Ojo y la Navaja is the Mexican minimal synthwave project of Psychic Hearts vocalist Erick Arevalo.

As its name suggests clearly influenced by the surrealistic cinema of the Spanish, naturalized Mexican, director Luis Buñuel, namely the infamous scene from his debut short film “Un chien andalou”, conceived in 1929 with Salvador Dalí, in which Luis cuts, after looking at the moon, a woman’s left eye in two with a razor.

It’s no less fascinating and unsettling the intense new track “13 Lunas”, from the forthcoming debut EP “Anarquia Coronada”, I guess referring to the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze, a maelstrom of minimalist hypnotic dark electronics, stripped-bare rhythms, machine-like sequencers, pulsating and enveloping synth-sounds, amazingly intertwined with cold and ghostly vocals. A brooding, mechanical and obsessive dance that makes your body vibrate with every single beat delivering a boundless gloomy wave of overwhelming intensity.

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Written by Lusso Fabrizio.